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Posted onJune 08, 2014

Lions, elephants and many more animals on this run

Monthly the Johannesburg zoo hosts a fun run called the Zoo Trot. I guess it helps attract more people to the zoo on early Sunday mornings, which is a good idea. You pay an entrance fee and the run consists of a 5km route which you can do twice if you want to make it 10km. Then if you manage three of these events in a row you get a medal. Today I only did 5km because I’m a little tired (it is day 8 of the Juneathon). It took me 28min which is fine.


You start off near the events area of the zoo and then head on a large loop of the zoo passing many of the best animal enclosures. I saw a whole lot of animals which made the run more interesting and enjoyable. You pass some monkeys, many antelope, lions, elephants, wild dogs and more that I cannot quite remember. The route is well marked with signs and I don’t think you can get too lost if you stray off the route. The zoo is not that big? They don’t take finishing times unless you are first. There is a register to keep track of how many events you do for the medals. Entrance cost is R42.


I took a few pictures, but not as much as I should have. Quinten (buddy) and Mom were on my tail and I didn’t want them to beat me because it is a race after all. I rocked another photo sphere again.

zoo trot start

Johannesburg zoo elephants

zoo trot lions

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It was cold again, I tried a neck bandana type thing which helped.

Geoffrey Hunt

do it

The zoo trot is worth doing. Bring you whole family, I saw a lot of walkers and strollers out on the course. I wouldn’t normally go to the zoo, but this is a good excuse to get out here. Route: GPX File

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