Wanderers Time Trial

Posted onJune 19, 2014

I’m a fan of time trials, midweek competition

Its day 19 of the Juneathon and I did a very cold (7degC) 8km time trial in 45min30s. I used to do sub 40min 8km so I need to do some more work.

Wanderers Time Trial

distance 5 or 8km

entry Open to all, don’t need to be part of the club

when Every Thursday at 17:45

where Wanderers sports club. 21 North Street, Illovo, Johannesburg. (its off Oxford Road) I parked near the 1st entrance (east) but the run actually starts at the other side (west) of the sports club. So try get down there, I’m not sure if there is an entrance on that side.


  • Bar/Restaurant
  • Showers and etc (its a sports club)


This time trial is pretty big, tonight there were quite a number of people even though it was very cold. The route is a little busy with cars, being Illovo its expected (safety in numbers I felt). Everyone starts out following the 5km and the 8km route branches off on its own and rejoins the 5km to finish. The route felt very even as there were no steep hills on the course. They served water and oros at the finish and took times. There was also a bar that some of the people went to after the run. Parking seems to be ample and safe in the sports club.

website www.thewanderersclub.co.za


Wanderers Time Trial

route 5km (too short) 8km GPX File

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