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Sunninghill Striders Time Trial

Posted on June 24th, 2014

I’m a fan of time trials, midweek competition

Its day 24 of the Juneathon and I did a weak 4km time trial in 22min. Chickened out of the 8km, next time.

Sunninghill Striders Time Trial

4 or 8km

Open to all, don’t need to be part of the club

Every Tuesday at 18:00

St Stephen Anglican Church, Nanyuki Road, Sunninghill. The church is near the corner of Nanyuki Road and Van Der Bijl Ave. Park at the church and walk though toward the back of the church where the run starts.


  • Bar


Looks to be a fairly big time trial, there were quite a number of people this evening. The route is easy except for a long gradual uphill which was tough. The 4km is a circular route around the sunninghill area with the 8km being twice the 4km route. There is a small bar at the church where you can get a beer or some water after the run. The run starts at 18:00 in the winter so take a headlamp because it gets dark quickly. Parking seems easy and safe in the church parking lot.



sunninghill time trial

4km GPX File 8km (will do soon)