Solstice and last 3 days

Posted onJune 24, 2014

What’s happened in the last few days? Well nothing too interesting except missing a day of exercise, Nooo!

Day 20

Straight forward swim of half a mile (32 lengths). Swimming is a nice easy alternative to running, yeah should have run.

Day 21

6.5km run around the house with a fall.

fell and scraped my arm

Thank goodness for the long sleeve shirt, I tripped on some old cement dumped on the road. When I get tired I don’t really lift up my feet very high. Must have been quite a sight, wearing a bright orange shirt I took a tumble. Embarrassingly a car driving past slowed down and asked, “Are you ok?“. One of those times when you look up after a fall and hope no one saw it, not this time. Also it was the solstice today, longer days from now on. Yay!!

Nice view from the run

Day 22

Shocker no running today! I screwed this one up, I will do an extra day in July.

I did enter a race today (kinetic night race), still no excuse

Day 23

Another swimming day where I did just over 1km (44 lengths), was hoping to make up for yesterday but it didn’t happen. Funny thing is Juneathon has not only been helping me with my running but my swimming fitness has improve greatly.

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