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Randburg Harriers Time Trial

Posted on June 12th, 2014

I’m a fan of time trials, midweek competition

Its day 11 of the Juneathon. Yesterday I didn’t write a post because I didn’t manage to do anything, yeah I’m disappointed. I did park really, really far at Toastmasters in the evening so kind of hope that counts. Anyway tonight I did 8km, here are the details about the Randburg Harriers Time Trial.

Randburg Harriers Time Trial

5km or 8km

Open to all, don’t need to be part of the club

when Every Thursday at 17:45

where Randburg Sports Centre on the corner of Malibongwe Drive and Republic Road, Johannesburg.


  • Bar
  • restaurant
  • Change rooms
  • Shower


A fast and fairly flat route. Water is usually served at the finish. There is a restaurant/bar at the finish which make pretty decent food I had a steak and chips once. They also sell wors rolls and curry take aways. The 8km route consists of two laps. There are a good amount of street lights for when it gets dark. They also put up a nice big red digital clock so you can get your time at the end.


5km - Haven’t done this one yet (yeah I’m hardcore!) 8km: GPX File