Old Year’s Race 2014

Posted onJanuary 02, 2015

This is the last race for 2014 in the Gauteng area.

It was held at Rietondale Park in Pretoria at 17:00 in the 31 December 2014. On offer was 10km or 5km walking or running. I saw and passed many walkers so I would say many people decided on the 5km and walked it.

Well done guys I like it when everyday people (non runners) get out and hit the road. I decided on this race pretty late so left Johannesburg at speed (hoping I see no speeding fines in the post). Arrived, parked and paid R50 for my entry and joined the race about 1min late. The race deceived me as I thought it would be a double lap of the 5km route. The 5km route is really flat and easy so I went pretty quickly only to find on the second lap we turned off and went up a massive hill.

The view was great at the top as you could see some of Pretoria North and green hill below the Union Buildings. Then downhill all the way back to the finish. Three water points for the 10km was great because Pretoria is HOT. 17:00 and it was still super hot! I enjoyed the race and did an reasonable 52:14 for 10km. A nice way to finish up the 2014 running year.

old year's race old year's race old year's race old year's race


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