Northgate 10km 2013

Posted onJuly 22, 2013

Fast, quick and fairly flat.

Northgate dome 10km

I enjoyed the Northgate 10km because I managed to clock a really good time of 48:30. Yay thought I’ve been a little out of practice since Comrades. I’ve also been struggling to get below 40 min for the 8 km time trials I’ve been doing lately.

The route is circular going through a residential area and has no steep hills, but a couple of long ones. The route ends with a long fast final sprint down Christiaan De Wet Road all the way back to the large white dome of Northgate. There were loads of people running this race, the sun was out and there was a really energetic commentator bringing everyone in. That’s it for this race, I need to do a few more longer races. City2City is coming up a race from Pretoria to Johannesburg.

Northgate dome 10km Northgate dome 10km Northgate dome 10km

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