Lunchtime Run

Posted onJune 02, 2014

It kind of worked

Thanks to Juneathon I finally decided to get out and try a lunchtime run from work. The only problem is we don’t have a shower here at work, so I drove to the gym and did a quick 4km run. Then took a quick shower and was back a work before anyone noticed my long lunchbreak.

the run I planned on doing a 5+km route but realised I had to cut it short because I was moving at a snails pace. There were some hills and it was surprisingly hot. I thought we were in the middle of winter? Man South Africa is awesome.

There were quite a lot of cars which I didn’t expect being a normal work day. I need to adjust my route to find more pavements in the future. The shower afterwards at the gym was nice but fast. Here is a photo of the area from the parking lot: bryan park Getting back to the office I felt pretty hyped up after the run and didn’t suffer the usual Monday blues until a little later when the run wore off. I hope I can make a lunchtime run more regular. Perhaps twice a week.


Freaking GPS took ages to kick in

I don’t really know how far I went, but ran officially 3.42 km in 31 min according to my phone. So my stats are a little messed up right now. Is anyone else doing lunchtime runs?

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