Kloofendal Nature Reserve Trail

Posted onJune 16, 2014

Beautiful views, good trail and nearby

Day 16 of the Juneathon, I’m over the halfway mark!

If you’ve been following my progress I did a simple 8km at home yesterday (didn’t write a post). Today I went to Kloofendal Nature Reserve to do a short trail run because its a public holiday! Today in South Africa we have a public holiday, youth day.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

The Kloofendal nature trail is great because you can get the feel of being far away in the outdoors but it is actually nearby in Roodepoort (on Galena Ave). The entry is free and it is open from 6:00 to 18:00 and only closed if there is a fire hazard (lots of long dry grass). There is a guard at the gate and ample amount of parking. After you’ve parked and walk into the reserve there is an amphitheatre with a large open area for you to relax and have a picnic, I saw a couple people chilling out in the sun. I saw bathrooms and a couple thatched roofs for you to sit under if the sun gets hot.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve amphitheatre

trail route

I found a map online which is here and it looks like there are a number of routes with the longest being 3.5km. The route markings were not great apart from these concrete blocks, I tried following the 3.5km route.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve route

The route was well maintained with grass cut and obstacles removed. The route has some steep and rocky bits which I walked and plan to run next time. There where some paths leading away from the main trail to view points which made my route a little longer (4.80km in total).

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

The route does a loop of the area and you pass a small dam which was a nice surprise.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Where does it start, check this picture.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve Layout

the view

The views were interesting because you can see a lot of the city and even see Sandton in the distance. I didn’t see any animals apart from lots of guinea fowl. I took some photos and more photo spheres of the views.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

spheres 360 view

Views: kloofendal Nature Reserve by Geoffrey Hunt

Views: kloofendal Nature Reserve by Geoffrey Hunt

do it

I’m going to be doing this trail more often because its nearby, short and a little challenging.

Kloofendal Nature Reserve

kloofendal route GPX File

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