Posted onJune 01, 2014

No Comrades, but I’m up for trying to run for a month

Looking forward to seeing how long I can keep up my Juneathon attempt.

I’m hoping for more than 1 day right now (super confident I know)

Why am I doing this? This weekend was Comrades (89 km race) and I felt really bad for not following through from last year. This time last year I was sore and broken but so proud of myself for finishing this race. Today I only managed about 5 kms here at home.

Well done to everyone that finished the Comrades today.

I also haven’t written a post for a while. So I’m doing Juneathon because I’m embarrassed about how unfit I am right now and I need some content for my blog. I’m also interested in reading posts from others.

My run today Phoned up a buddy, Quinten for a bit of a last minute run at about 17:00. I almost screwed up the first day of the Juneathon. We ran down to a nearby bowls club called Roosevelt Park Bowling club because it has a bar. How could you start a challenge without a beer!


The run wasn’t that interesting apart from there being a bowls tournament on. Let me tell you its not very exciting. But a few years ago I thought running looked pretty boring. I had a beer and we headed back home. Check out the pictures I took (I’ll need to figure out how to take low light pictures better).



I told Quinten about the Juneathon, hopefully if he joins it will keep me going.

Plans going forward I’m not too sure how I’m going to keep up the running during the workweek. Perhaps some lunchtime runs or I’ll have to strap on the headlamp because with winter barrelling down on us in Johannesburg its getting dark very fast. I’m going to look out from some time trials, races and new routes. Otherwise the blogging might become a little boring. I think I’ll also try write a couple blog posts, that haven’t surfaced because of procrastination. I did a critical mass and a run in Soweto recently. I should also develop some software for keeping track of my Juneathon. Perhaps a commandline activity logger (I’ve been wanting to try golang) or a simple wordpress plugin?

Here’s hoping I follow through this month, good luck to everyone doing Juneathon.

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