Jackie Gibson Half Marathon 2013

Posted onApril 03, 2013

Jackie Gibson Marathon start

Slightly nervous about the upcoming Two Oceans marathon; all I needed was a good race to settle the nerves and this is what the Jackie Gibson was. There is not much to say about the Jackie Gibson Half Marathon (21.1km) because it went so well. The weather was perfect with cold breezes and an overcast sky.

The race was held in the Klipriviersberg area south of Johannesburg; which is made up of hills covered in green trees and bush. Usually a race in Johannesburg means cars, buildings and concrete views so this was refreshing.

Finish of the jackie gibson half marathon two brothers

There were a number of long hills, water points worked and we all got a t-shirt at the end. There is a massive downhill at the end to take you home, so next time I will push a little harder in the beginning. It was nice to do a race where the shortest distance was 21.1km as there were only fairly serious runners taking part. Not mentioning my brother. I didn’t go very fast but at a decent pace - 1h58min By the way my brother, a non-runner (last did a fun 10km ages ago) decided to join me and without stuff all training managed to finish this race. Needless to say I was shocked!

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