Got a bit lost

Posted onJune 04, 2014

Ok a bit further today, yay!

I tried another time trial this evening; Morningside Road Runners. I’ve done this time trial a couple of months back and enjoyed it. Not having done it recently my recollection of the route was a little fuzzy which was a problem. Because I made a huge mistake by arriving late after everyone had started. There was no one to follow!

Some code at work came together right before I needed to leave for the run. So I was late.

Luckily there were a few arrows painted on the road to follow, but being dark I missed one or two which made my route a little longer than expected. I planned on doing only the 5km route (I’m building up slowly) but ended up doing 7km. I’m glad I did a little more than I planned on. This doesn’t happen often going further than expected. The run finished at the Morningside Country Club where there was a girls hockey match going on, here is a picture.


I will do a proper post (like RAC) for this time trial when I manage to follow the route correctly and not get lost.

pace My pace was 6:52 min/km which is partly from me stopping often to try figure out where I should have been going. Being lost in the dark is great fun:( I should try increase this speed, it is not very good.

legs I’m feeling a little sore thanks to the Juneathon, its been a while since I’ve run 4+ days in a row. I might do a walk or cycle tomorrow or Friday.

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