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Posted onJune 09, 2014

Treadmill and super circuit

I’m not a fan of treadmill running I feel its a bit fake because there are no pot holes, no cars and nothing to see. However today I had a pretty tough day at work. Before I knew it the end of the day was here and it was too dark to go out. So I headed over to the gym to keep my Juneathon on track. I managed to do a 20min run on the treadmill. It said I did 3km.

One cool thing about treadmill running is that you can watch TV. Our treadmills have TV screens built in so I could watch some news. Then I went and did the super circuit to get some of my other muscles a bit of exercise. I am really stuffed right now but glad I managed to fit the gym session in today. I’m not an expert at gym best practice but I think I know how the super circuit is suppose to work. Based on a timer you move from one gym apparatus to the next in an orderly fashion. You should do some cardio stepping up and down on the bench in between each machine. rant Why do people not follow the rules! I had two machines left. Then out of nowhere some ladies come and take my machines. And the one uses the the machine for about 3 timer beeps. So I ended up doing more than planned, because I feel like to say I did the circuit means I should do each machine. I usually skip occupied machines and the come back when it opens up on the next timer beep.


Don’t think its right taking photos in the gym. Here is another picture of outside, I thought it looked nice.

Bryan Park Evening

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