Evening Swim

Posted onJune 10, 2014

Tired, busy day but managed a quick swim

I haven’t been able to do a lunchtime workout this week yet. Long day today so I went for a swim. I managed to do 34 lengths this time. Day 10 of the Juneathon.


Being winter here in Johannesburg has turned out to be good for my swimming. Trying to swim in summer at peak times at the gym is tough, no lanes are open because there are too many people. But the last few times I’ve been swimming at the pool it has been mostly empty because it is a bit cold (even though the pool is heated, no one wants to risk it I guess).

what I did

I don’t know if I got any old swimming posts, but swimming was actually my first taste of doing an endurance sport before running. I have been doing the Midmar Mile swim religiously for the last few years. Its not too hard and you can do it without too much training (not like a marathon - you might die). When I do swimming training I will either go for a long swim or do a warmup and intervals. A long swim means just doing an easy 30+ length swim. A warmup and interval means I do between 10-20 lengths easy warmup then intervals. Intervals include going against the clock, I try do 50m every 1min. I stop when the 1min interval catches up with me i.e. when I have no time to rest in between the interval.


I really need to get a proper road run in tomorrow, lets see if it happens.

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