Colgate 32km 2013

Posted onMay 11, 2013

Start of Colgate 32k Race

Very cold, very flat and the last long run before Comrades.

The Colgate 32 km route is extremely flat and consists of two laps of 15km starting at Boksburg City Stadium. The route weaves through residential areas and into an industrial of Boksburg. There was a really decent amount of secure parking inside the stadium. Support on the route was good with coke and water. There was one water point towards the end that had Smarties, Barones and Tex chocolates which was great.

Start of the Colgate 32km Race, very cold

Perhaps I should have given this race a miss because of the 42km Wally Hayward race I did 4 days ago and my foot is paining a little bit. But with pre-entry only races if you remember to enter you have to go right, for the T-Shirt! This was my first time doing this race and I was quite happy that the route was so flat but oh was it cold. I will admit that I was slightly hung over from the previous nights craft beer festival in Johannesburg and forgot my watch and anything warm to wear. I was stuck with only my running vest to keep me warm. The sun did eventually come up but wasn’t warm enough to heat me up. I was cold the entire race!

Colgate 32km goodie bag

The goodie bag and T-shirt was quite nice as you can see from the picture. Unfortunately some people didn’t get the goodie bag and T-shirt because they ran out. Running clubs received an email apologizing for the stuff up from the Boksburg Athletic Club.

I enjoyed the race and will definitely recommend it to someone wanting to go a little further than 21km.

The route, phone died right before the end. GPX File

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