Bryanston Parkrun

Posted onJune 14, 2014

day 14 of the Juneathon

Today I did the Bryanston parkrun for the first time, it is not my usual parkrun (see this post). I’m running out of things to blog about for juneathon. So yesterday I did a gym session not very interesting. I managed to do a 27min 24s for the 5km run which is good.

Bryanston parkrun

This route is fairy flat and comes back on itself. I liked the route apart from the short rickety bridge you have to cross. The parking isn’t great you might end up parking pretty far from the start so make sure you get there early. Link to event

address Riverside Centre - Bryanston, Cambridge Rd, Sandton


Bryanston Parkrun

Bryanston Parkrun

Bryanston Parkrun

route GPX File

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