I’m Geoffrey Hunt, a software developer based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Back in the day I couldn’t find a domain and long distance running, was and still is a big love of mine. Hence the domain runningdeveloper.com

Software development

I am a freelance software developer. I like to try various side projects (I will let you know if anything turns out well 😅).

I love using JavaScript to build things, on the web or in other places. React is my daily driver for frontend things these days, I can get a lot done with it. This being said I am always keen to look at other frameworks and techniques. I have worked in a few other languages and frameworks.

I don’t consider myself a designer or a UI wiz. I therefore prefer working with designers or using frameworks that offer a good layout consistency.

Check the projects for an idea of what I can do.

This website is made with Gatsbyjs and tailwindcss.


I’m an amateur long distance runner and not very fast. My running goes in cycles, sometimes I’m doing lots of runs and races. Then I go through a dry patch where I don’t run 😟. Being a runner I need to tell you that I finished the Comrades Marathon (89km) twice. I have done a few videos about some of the running check it out if you want.


I consider myself a little bit of a maker. So I will put up the odd electronics project now and again on the blog. I run a very small scale laser cutting side business at create15.com that scratches the making itch and provides some extra money for me.

Social media

I don’t post that often:

I feel like there is still much to learn and try, stay tuned!

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