I’m Geoffrey Hunt, I write code for a living and do a bit of running. See why my domain is runningdeveloper.com.


I really love running! I’ve somehow managed to complete the Comrades Marathon (89km) twice in 2010 (11:20) and in 2013 (10:54). I flopped in 2015 and didn’t finish 😟. It’s by far the ultimate race and the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve done many other marathons and ultra marathons which I hope to share with everyone through this blog. I am by no means a fast runner but just an average Joe that really enjoys pushing my body to the limit. If you have a good race I should try let me know.


Go to my YouTube page and watch some of the videos I have made (please subscribe!). I enjoy making short videos documenting some of the races I run.

Software development

I am a freelance software developer.

I love using JavaScript to build things, on the web or in other places. If you have a web or mobile project that requires some help you can contact me.

I have experience in Angular and React.

Really enjoying React and React Native right now.


  • I worked at FiveFriday for 4 years doing mobile and web development.
  • Interned at a few companies doing basic software development, most notably at Microsoft SA doing windows phone development.
  • I studied Electronic Engineering at the University of Pretoria, got far but didn’t finish 🤦. Learnt tons in the way of problem solving and figured out what I’m good at.


I also see myself as a maker; tinkering with electronics, 3d printing (I have a small scrappy printer) and building useful little projects.

My software development posts are bleak; they are hard to write but I hope you will see more in the future.

I haven’t quite worked out what I want to do when I grow up yet. So expect this blog to change focus every now and again.

Geoffrey Hunt is a freelance developer, happiest working in JavaScript.

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